Product Support

1st Choice Electrical Estimating Product Support

One of the biggest concerns that a new customer may have when moving from paper estimating to computer estimating is the product support that will be offered with the purchase of their new software.

Some companies offer product support for an extra price and others say that if you need help, have your credit card ready.

Although our software is very easy to use, and we rarely receive support calls, we are here to help you. If you ever need any help with any of our products, we are ready to help.

Our product support never runs out!

Please feel free to email us with any questions that you have about any of our products.

We respond to email every day with quick accurate responses to any estimating questions even if they don’t apply to our software. Our product support is second to none.

Just one more reason that 1st Choice is your Only Choice.

We are a better way to estimate.