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Electrical Estimating Software

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Today you must have electrical estimating software to keep up with the demands of electrical contracting. It is no longer a choice! It is important to be able to create detailed estimates with your electrical estimating software without breaking the bank or going to special classes just to get started. Knowing the importance of having electrical estimating software makes it is easy to take advantage of the user by charging per seat or per license, for technical support, yearly updates, or ongoing monthly fees that never end.

 At Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software we are here to help electrical contractors like you with all of your electrical estimating needs and have created a line of electrical estimating software that not only provide detailed estimates but is easy to own and easy to use. Homemade spreadsheets will no longer work to provide you with the speed, accuracy, and details needed to succeed in the electrical estimating environment of today.


Electrical Estimating Software And Takeoff Solutions

1CEES or First Choice Electrical Estimating Software is the parent company of the Best Bid product line. As the needs for Electrical Contractors kept getting more demanding year after year, so did the need to provide a more advance electrical estimating software. This need produced the Best Bid product line offering advanced electrical estimating software at affordable prices. The Best Bid product line is ever changing as new technology is available.

People ask us what is the difference between the “1CEES System” and the “Best Bid”?
Our answer has always been. The 1CEES System is the best electrical estimating for under $300.00 that you can purchase and the Best Bid is the best electrical estimating software that you can purchase for any amount of money.

Client Testimonials

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  • Awesome products, easy to use, great prices, and fast service. Everything purchased from here has been awesome and very user friendly.

    Mark Miller Avatar Mark Miller

    Best estimating software and customer service support I have had. I was not rushed to purchase but I couldn't say no to great deal. Best decision I made for me and my company.

    CrayOhLife Avatar CrayOhLife

    I have been using Best Bid Software for approx. 14 years. There Service is second to none. Anytime i have had a question or needed technical support they have been there for me. We have since added to our estimating team and Upgraded to Hybrid Pro Networking. Thru the whole transition Steve and his team were there to help us and out IT guys in Setting it up and having it run Flawlessly. I would recommend this software to everyone big and small companies. The software is flexible, easy to use and has features that the other guys don't offer such as having a take off program built into the Hybrid version. There are no hidden fees or fees for supports or updates.

    BCM Electrical Avatar BCM Electrical
  • This software along with their customer support has been the best that I've ever worked with. You get way more than what you pay for. If you've ever worked with Steve or heard of him you'll know he's the best at this. Their website offers blogs, training videos, and even create personal videos to help you succeed. I would definitely recommend this software as well as their estimating class to everyone. They don't just sell you a software, they set you and your company up on a path for success.

    SpursFAN 101 Avatar SpursFAN 101

    This software program is complete, affordable, and innovative. Makes estimating simple and efficient by reducing costs, saving time and provide accurate bids. I would highly recommend Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software!

    Maria Palacios Avatar Maria Palacios