At Best Bid we have never been just about the money. That is why we sell our products for much less than our competitors. Our mission is to help Electrical Contractors make their everyday job easier.

We spend more time offering free advice than we do selling software. Electrical Estimating Software has become an essential part of the everyday life of most electrical contractors. Being able to provide backup for your pricing, that is accepted as the industry standard is invaluable.

By using electrical estimating software you know that you will be competitive with your bidding.

I have been using bidding style software ever since it arrived on the scene and I can produce close to the same price on any system out there.

The reason I can do this is I know what I need the software to do for me. When I enter 100 receptacles I know what I want to happen. I have a plan of attack. I think for the software and I don’t let the software think for me.

Now with that being said it can be much harder on some electrical estimating software to arrive at the results I want. Some of these bidding programs take many more steps to produce the same results.

At Best Bid we took the time to design our software from an electrical contractor’s perspective in lieu of a programmer’s point of view.

Sometimes it is much harder and time consuming to make things look easy.

These are some of the challenges we conquered.

  • We made the interface where anyone can understand it. No multi-screen views or using words that don’t apply directly such as having to figure out that F2 means save.
  • Our control panel is labeled with words like Switches, Receptacles, Branch Circuits.
  • We provide pre-set defaults to save you lots of time but these can easily be changed on the run or permanently.
  • We combine many steps on one screen without having to open multiple screens over and over.
  • You can produce an estimate faster and with fewer key strokes than any system available.
  • The Best Bid Hybrid Pro is easy to use but is very advanced if you are that guy that likes to dig in deep and completely change things up.
  • We also keep price in mind and only charge 1/3 of what our competition charges.
  • We also don’t have the extra fees. Unlimited license, Tech support, life-time updates all included for 1 price.
  • One price –One time. We offer a one -step back up too with a removable database to use on other computers.
  • We offer the only On-Screen Takeoff that is built into our software not using a third party.
  • We are not Cloud based. If the internet is down no worries. Your estimating software lives on your computer. Don’t be fooled, Cloud based software is just a way to have on going for life monthly payments. These fees not only will never go away they will never go down in price.

Bottom Line is we are here to help you not just sell software.

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